4 comments on “10 lovely wood panelled rooms..

  1. They are all wonderful examples.
    I live in a terraced house with a narrow entrance hallway myself and am considering panelling bottom half of hallways to give walls a bit of a break from the inevitable scuffs. Tricky balancing panelling with trying not to make a small space look even more busy or cramped though. My thinking is that the best way to mitigate the effect is with plenty of light. .. but other thoughts and suggestions welcome!


    • Hi Natalie thanks for stopping by and having a look at my post !! Panelling the bottom half of the hallway is a good idea and painting it a colour lighter than the walls should do the trick of not making your hallway look smaller. Also a simple tongue and groove panelling would look great in a hallway. Good luck with that. Hope it turns out really well.

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    • I love the colorful dining chairs and the fact that the white panelling reflects the light and makes the space so airy, comfortable and bright. Thanks for stopping by.


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